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Tracy @ Momaical
Tracy is a SAHM trying not to raise a flock of assholes.   Besides crafting cocktails with Zoloft, Tracy can be found cursing, crying into her coffee over her stretch marks, Ouija-boarding her deceased metabolism and blogging humorously about her children and life. She is a contributing author in the best selling book I Just Want To Pee Alone.  Hear her weigh in on marriage and fidelity on Huffington Post Live!  She was voted Top 25 Funniest Moms at Circle of Moms/PopSugar.  Tracy is a weekly writer for In The Powder Room and regular contributor to: Families in the Loop, Mamas Against Drama, and Mamapedia.   She has been published in the series of books Life Well Blogged: No Laughing Allowed, To Bliss and Back,  Holly Daze, Parenting Gag Reel, the Bloggy Moms Guide to a Better Blog and an upcoming book to be announced!  And, she's BFF's with the Bloggess.  So, she has that going for her - which is nice. The Epistolarians is her latest effort to bring a whole group of awesome and hilarious women writers together to take over the blogiverse....Muahahahaha! 

Lucy Ball @ My Life As Lucille
She's a former teacher and modern mom/wife with a nostalgic flair. Lucy has a twisted sense of humor, a potty mouth, and an overactive imagination. She never fails to find trouble where she wasn't looking.

Molley @ A Mother Life
Molley is an Aussie implant into NYC.  She arrived, kicking and screaming with 2 kids, 5yr Grand Master D and 17mo Miss Gremlin in 2005. Her husband, THE KING, was out to conquer the world. She could care less! The Princess, now 22, followed later.  She has found City life very different and can't understand so many of the current 'mommy' practices. She's held her tongue for long enough and now wants to share her experiences, so you can laugh along with her and maybe share a story or two.  You can also find her hiding on the couch, from the kids and the dog, with coffee and chocolate. Shhh don't tell ....

Madame SONny Side (aka Jen P.) @ Life on the SONny Side
A rule-following free-spirit, sassin’ up the joint since 1979. I have a college degree in “Recreation”. That’s a real thing. My other job is ‘wife and mom extraordinaire’. I’ve never been formally evaluated though, so the extraordinaire part might be a slight embellishment. I’m an infertility survivor, so I’ve been known to wax poetic on the subject a time or ten before. I think that writing on the internet is like whispering on a crowded playground.  But, I do it anyway because I love it. I’m an overachiever, an adjective-abuser, and have a penchant for curse words and hyperbole. My talented and nerdy, (in a good way,) husband still has like 19,000 more followers than me on Twitter…but who’s counting? My peanut is the light of my life and the source of big droopy bags under my eyes. My mom is our live-in nanny. So, there’s that dynamic too. Coffee and wine are my sister-wives. I’ve got a lot to say about life, love, motherhood, daughterhood, The Bachelor, John Mayer, what I ate for lunch yesterday, and millions of other mildly interesting things. I couldn’t possibly be more excited to join this tour de force of gifted and fearless female writers. Thank you for reading. Seriously. Looking for my humble beginnings or mostly mommy-oriented ramblings? You can read and share with me in two places now!


Lisa Palkki She's an educator turned SAHM and blogger with more questions than answers. Her resume includes working on an oil rig, tying fishing lures, and tutoring a supermodel. Her sense of humor and reputation often precede her.

Teri @ Snarkfest

Teri is a 40-something mom of two, living and working in Shepherdstown, WV.  Her daughters are teens and they give her blogging ammo on a daily basis. She is way too busy to blog but that doesn't stop her. She has always had a quick wit and a very dry sense of humor. She tries to see the funny side of things and isn't afraid to point out the funny to anyone around her. She is a lover of red wine, Vince Vaughn and all things Duran Duran. She is really excited to be a part of the Epistolarians and looks forward to seeing where this new venture takes her.

Dani is a 30-something mom, living the dream in South Florida with The Big Guy and their five kids. In between baseball practices, basketball games and whatever else she finds herself involved in, Dani humorously (and sarcastically) blogs about life, love and sex at Suburbia Interrupted and The Indie Chicks. She can also be found contributing life changing information at Good Vibes, BloggyMoms and BlogHer.

One Funny Motha is a freelance writer, part-time blogger and an award-winning journalist who is currently working on a memoir. She writes for several hyper-local media outlets covering towns in the New York metropolitan area. In a former life, she worked as a copywriter for Saks Fifth Avenue. She lives outside the City with her husband and two very demanding and irrational little people.

I'm Ashley; a filter-less mom with a bunch of crazyass kids. I enjoy catching people of guard and saying whatever random crazy thing that pops into my mind. I dislike blogholes and general dumbassery. I have been in culinary and X-ray school and held jobs at restaurants and offices also I sang at a theater and modeled. I managed to get fired in the first 5 minutes at a job, then realizing I don't play well with others. I write about my thoughts with sarcasm about how my kids can make me want to drink in the closet.

Stephanie @ Mommy, For Real is the mother of two precocious girls. As a Type A mommy attempting to thrive amongst chaos, she is working hard to keep her neuroses in check. Favorite pastimes include striving to look attractive in family photos and working hard not to swear (much) throughout the day. In addition to her dazzling wit and stellar parental problem solving skills, she is a board certified music therapist and works part time teaching music classes to tiny kids. Stephanie's writing has been featured on Mamapedia and Power of Moms.

Michelle @ They Call Me Mummy
When Michelle is not drowning under a mountain of laundry, she writes commercials and yells (gently and encouragingly) at her children. She loves her three little people more than she ever believed was possible. Oh, and her house is not Pinterest-worthy. You can find Michelle via FacebookPinterest or Twitter.

Kristen @ Life At Peanut LayneKristen is an average mom to five super kids, living in Portland, OR. She is the author of the humor blog, Life On Peanut Layne which promises to provide laughter, entertainment, and permanent birth control to the entire neighborhood. She is also a contributing author in the Life Well Blogged ebook series, as well as the best selling book, I Just Want to Pee Alone. She can be found on Twitter ( or Facebook ( when avoiding housework (so chances are very high that you'll run into her).

Enchanted Seashells, Confessions of a Tugboat Captain's Wife

Sometimes he's here, sometimes he's not. What. Ever. I'm married to a tug boat captain who travels the world while I stay home, scrub the tile with rubber gloves and a toothbrush, then shop 'til I drop. My proudest accomplishment is being the mom of a wonderful son with a Ph.D. from Yale.  In the real world, I have a background in education, marketing, advertising, and public relations. I've been in a few films, helped my surfer/captain hubs with a surf-related radio show, owned a couple small businesses, and co-directed a non-profit organization. Right now, I'm building a copy editing and proofreading career, and hope to be published, have a reality show, and work with Tina Fey. My resolution for 2013 is to release my inner beeyotch, and I'm doing a great job so far! I love seashells and rocks, gardening and baking, Hello Kitty, Chanel, and anything sparkly or leopard print!

Sarah Almond, The Sadder But Wiser Girl started blogging many, many moons ago way back in June 2012.  She is the mother of two children and is married to an evil genius.  Suffering from ADD, Anxiety, and a phobia of washing dishes by hand, she blogs to save the world from boringness.  Though she is college educated, she would gladly trade her degree in for something useful, like a grilled cheese sandwich.  She also goes by the name of Sarah Almond, writer, blogger, and dreamer looking to find her niche somewhere in this great big world.

. Want to be an Epistolarian? Send any original posts to Tracy @


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