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We've got the candles burning and the house smells like a delicious blend of vanilla cupcake and beach sand. Sandy cupcakes. How appropriate for a 'Frankenstorm' headed our way. Someone I know referred to it as a S'noreaster'cane. Whatever you call it, it's big and apparently it's going to kill us all. The experts at the Weather Channel have never seen anything like it. Jim Cantore was pissed off at New York's Mayor Bloomberg for NOT evacuating lower Manhattan, and then when the Mayor DID change his mind and decide to evacuate lower Manhattan, Jim said "Tomorrow, if I were standing in this same spot in Battery Park I may well be up to my waist in water. But I won't be here in Battery Park." It was almost as if old Jim was pissed that he had to evacuate Battery Park. Irony? Thy name is Cantore.

We here in West Virginia have been getting all sorts of conflicting reports. We're going to get 3-6" of rain, we're going to get 50-60 mph gusts of wind, we're going to lose power, we're going to get a foot of snow, bunnies are going to fly out of orbit and make baby bunnies on our lawns. We don't know what to believe. So we did the obligatory emergency shop this afternoon. Milk? Check. Eggs? Check. Bread? Check. We'll have French Toast for the rest of the week. Hell I could sell French Toast to everyone around me and retire at 45. My point is, we got bottles of water and D batteries and all the other stuff we'll need for our emergency kit. But are we going to need it? The media has a way of scaring the bejeezus out of people. I have friends along the coast line who are literally terrified for their lives because of the media hype over this storm. And what scares the pee out of ME is that I don't know whether to be complacent or fearful this time around. Every major storm that comes around is prefaced by fire, brimstone and end of the world predictions. And the actual storm is usually nothing but a little wind, maybe a cool breeze and a spritz.

However, back in August there was a derecho that came through New Jersey like a freaking freight train that knocked out power and caused devastation the likes of which I have never seen in my home state. But nobody predicted it would be as horrific as it was. My mom was without power for 12 hours. Luckily 8 of those 12 hours were while she was asleep, and when she got up, she was unable to use her oxygen unit because it runs on electricity. The was no Jim Cantore telling us to put our heads between our legs and kiss our asses goodbye! Where was the fire and brimstone for that little windstorm? Zip. Zero. Zilch.

So here we are on the eve of destruction. Or a basket of new kitties. It could go either way. But what scares the snot out of me now is that one of these days, we are going to be hit with a storm so destructive that our lives will never be the same. And because the media has cried wolf so many times, will we be prepared?



  1. Ugh. I hope you fared well Teri! This was a bad one. xoxo

  2. I everything stays good, and it turns out to be hyped up news bullshit. I wish it turned out to be a crock for the rest of the east coast, but that unfortunately didn't happen. I hope you have plenty of mama beverages :) stay safe...

  3. LOTS of mama beverages! We fared really well here and my mom in Atlantic City was just fine. She was pissed because her cable went out but she never lost power. A few windows in her building blew out but nowhere near her apartment.

    All in all it WAS a bad storm and I'm glad that everyone took the necessary precautions.


  4. Ugh. My sister is a mortgage banker. I'm no doom and gloom girl, but we should probably be thinking post clean-up too. Our terminal economy may have taken it's last hit. I hope not. Glad you're safe and great post.

  5. Always be prepared. Drinking the emergency wine with French Toast sounds delightful, as long as the power's on.

  6. Wow! From what I saw on the news, this wasn't overly-hyped! I hope you are okay!!!!!

  7. I was thinking they were a bunch of fear mongers last week. Now, I see that they were spot on. That's the problem with this, they hype it up and nothing, nothing, nothing.. people start to ignore it all and then that's the one that is real.

    Very sad situation and I am still glued to the news and weather channels.

  8. That is EXACTLY the problem! I'm in Houston. Every time it gets alittle cold and there is a storm forcast we are told to brace for a "THE DAY AFTER" type situation. It is very much like the little boy who cried wolf. I watched the reports on Sandy and kept saying to Hubs.."it's a Catagory ONE...what are they freaking out about..?"
    But it wasn't about the strength it was about the SIZE and how rare it is to hit so far North. You guys just aren't used to this. You really can't prepare well enough when this kind of thing hopefully only happens once in a lifetime. For us in the South we would't have batted an eye. We are used to tying down the patio furniture and securing our trampolines. We know all the tricks and hints that make getting through it easier like prebrewing coffee and storing it for when the powers down and Using your car battery to recharge your phones and laptops. For us this is just normal hurricane stuff...for you guys it's devastating. I feel for you all. It's hard getting back to normal after an event like this. Ike was bad for us. 2 weeks of no power in some areas but it was spotty so we could drive to different areas for food, gas and essentials.

    I do still think they went a wee bit doom and gloom but think that by doing that many people evacuated that may have stayed and lost their lives doing so. This happens with every storm here. People forget that there is nothing they can do to save their homes or possessions. It is better to get out of the way and pray for the best. Over reacting to EVERY storm is bad though. It makes it so when a REAL threat comes we are less likely to respond appropriately thinking it's just talk.

  9. We don't have hurricanes where I am located, but we do have Tornados, so I know what you mean about the media desensitizing us. I get more angry that my favorite TV show is being preempted by an overly enthusiastic weather person finally getting his/her 5 minutes of fame and hours upon hours of media coverage where they get to use their fancy new gadgetry than I worry about the possible vortex of death heading my way. We've spent our fair share of time huddled in the pantry in the middle of the night (because God forbid these harbingers of death and destruction arrive in the daytime) where my children tell me about their grand plans for the Zombie Apocalypse, which could happen any day now. Tornado season. I worry though, as you said, that because it's so easy to be glib about these natural disasters, my family won't truly be prepared when we actually need to be. Hopefully, my gut instincts will take over. Great post! Glad you are okay :)

  10. Yeah...I was so stressed about the storm I couldn't even get on twitter, blog or facebook. I was on the entire 4/5 days before, during and after. I had gotten some canned foods and water ready. (I just put it in pitchers.) I don't understand the reasoning for buying so many water bottles.

    I went to the store to prepare no c or d batteries. Water was sold out. And all the good canned foods were gone. I wanted to write but had no desire to write. I wanted to tell everyone I was okay but I was more than freaking out.

    I had turned the the fridge up to high just in case power went out. I also moved everything in from the patio. I moved all the furniture away from the windows. I unplugged everything because I didn't want our computers and tv to even though the power didn't go out yet we still ended up with NO power because we were so worried we UNPLUGGED yeah...i'm just NOW getting back into the groove of things and I've missed everyone.


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